Kelsi. (toseethesights) wrote in thequestionclub,

would anyone want to proofread my poem?

we have to punctuate as if we were writing in complete sentences, and that confuses me. (grammar is not my strong suit.)

i apologize for my nerdiness and overwhelming love for Han Solo.

I’ve only loved one man in my life,
You may find me somewhat strange.
I love someone who doesn’t exist;
Han Solo is his name.

He flies the Millenium Falcon,
His blaster in his hand.
He does whatever he chooses to do;
No action of his is planned.

Always in the nick of time,
Always starting trouble,
He doesn’t wait around for danger;
He finds it on the double.

With a smile as big as Texas,
Eyes as dark as night,
If I called him dreamy
I think that I’d be right!

So if you’re watching Star Wars
and your heart begins to burst,
just remember something:
Han shot my heart first.
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