Back flip doe-eyed tree climbin' earth mama (comes_a_time) wrote in thequestionclub,
Back flip doe-eyed tree climbin' earth mama

Work History & Resume crap

If you have worked for the same place, but in different positions, what is the best way to show this in your resume and on applications, especially when applications only give 3-4 "Previous Employment" boxes?

My situation: I work for a city and have been there a year and a half. In that year and a half I've received two promotions. I did my first job (clerical assistant) for about a year, the next position (customer service clerk/utility billing/public works support/permitting) for 3 months or so, and the position I'm currently in (Deputy City Clerk/Treasurer) since June. What is the most professional way to show "Hey, I have good history and have been here awhile, just in different positions!" while highlighting my duties at each position?

I hate even having to do this, but my beloved boss just gave her notice and I'm not staying at this place without her. Small town city councils = asshats. Keep that in mind if you go into municipal government work, kiddos!
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