evil and delicious (clnclarinet) wrote in thequestionclub,
evil and delicious

Some from my boyfriend:

1.) Are you happy with your current savings? How much of your income do you try to save each month?
2.) Do you keep your long term savings in a 401(k) or IRA? If so, what funds/bonds do you have and how are their returns?
3.) How much are your short term savings earning? (CDs, money market, etc.)
4.) Do you worry about having enough for retirement?
5.) What are some ways that you try to save on money?
6.) What is the ratio of your savings to debt?
7.) (Just for fun) what is your favorite song about money?

And some from me!

8.) Why is it appropriate to wear clothing associated with the sports team you are going to see but it is not appropriate to wear a shirt associated with the band you are going to see?
9.) Why are handicapped parking spots the closest ones to the building, but handicapped restrooms are the furthest ones from the door?
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