(CLU) (desirsar) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've had a weird sensation in the last joint on my right index finger for a while. I figured it was related to the joint popping (mostly related to playing guitar, but I don't do it that much), but it started spreading over the last two days. It has been "tingly" and occasionally a pulsing sensation that is not entirely painful, but definitely annoying, and that seemed to match my heartrate. The first day it spread it was from just above the joint (toward the tip of the finger) all the way back to just behind the next joint, and touching the finger at all would make the same tingly and cold feeling, but not always when using the finger for manipulating or gripping objects. Today the pulsing sensation goes back to the bone in the hand itself, and sometimes all the way up to the elbow along the back of the arm (in a mostly straight line from the finger.) Does this sound like carpal tunnel or other ligament damage?

In a half-related question, does anyone know good search terms using Google for describing how nerves feel when it's something "original"?
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