"if there's a problem w'that, we can get it on..." (jspurlin) wrote in thequestionclub,
"if there's a problem w'that, we can get it on..."

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If you knew (not suspected, KNEW) the apocalypse was coming, what would you do? Load your gun and go outside to meet it, standing up, and with your eyes open? Hide under the bed? Make tea and wait it out?

Would it be beautiful, to you, in its own horrifying way? Would it scare you shitless? I love fires. I think it would be beautiful to me, somehow. And I think that somehow, once a person came to deal with it, that one could accept it and take it at what it was.

(you have... eight hours before it gets here. It's eight AM, the day of the end of the world.) And come up with something more creative than "I'd boink two people at the same time" or "we'd fk like bunnies." what would you do after that?

I'd go stand in the biggest field i could find and face the sun. I'm going to meet it with my eyes as open as they can be. Damned if i'd want to go in my sleep, for the apocalypse.
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