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I always was a wallflower.

I'm taking this really interesting anthropology course (complete with equally interesting professor) right now, but something in the syllabus has me panicked. We have to do at least three projects, nearly all of them requiring the lucky student to go out into the community and chat with strangers (and preferably strangers from a different culture). This brings me to the heart of the problem: I am really, really bad at talking to people, let alone people I don't know. Hell, I wouldn't have any friends here at all were it not for the cozy house atmosphere of this particular dorm and ensuing forced familiarity with its inhabitants.

I'm bad at being human. I'm not good at conversation, and often don't speak at all unless spoken to. Even then, I often answer in short, painfully concise sentences. How the hell am I supposed to go up to a complete stranger and ask them all about their life history?!
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