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Help me decide!

So I'm going to a spa next Saturday for a day to celebrate my sisters birthday/see her off because she's going to Uni the next day. I have never been to a spa before.

I'm allowed to pick two treatments from a list. I've chosen one, but I don't know what else to pick. The list is:

Cellulite treatment
Chocolate body mask
Aromatherapy massage
Swedish massage

I'm allergic to chemically scented products. This sometimes doesn't make sense to people, but everything that goes directly onto my skin has to have a natural scent or I come out in a huge rash - so strawberry "flavoured" body washes and stuff won't sit well with me. If I want to use anything scented, it has to be 100% natural.
Because of this, I've chosen the aromatherapy massage first. I went over there and asked them if the aromatherapy oils they use are pure and they are. They also gave me a little sample to put on me to see if I had a reaction and nothing happened, so I'm safe with that.
But I'm unsure as to what I should choose for the second one. Two massages in one day is a little much (and I don't know what kind of products they use for the Swedish massage), I don't care much about my finger/toenails or cellulite and I'm not sure what they use for the facial. I suppose I could ask them if they could use something non-scented..
So what would you reccomend?

Also, this spa day (yes, we rented out the entire spa for the day) includes free use of the steam room jacuzzi, sauna, beauty spa and vibrosauna. What are involved in these things? They all seem to be just the same to me, but there are probably subtle differences that I just don't know about. What are the differences?

Any of you guys ever been to a spa? How was it? I'm looking forward to it, but I've never been to one before, so I'm not sure what to expect, really.

Thanks guys!
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