Kimmy (crazykimmy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone here know the best way to crunch numbers and spit out charts in an automated way through Office?

At my previous job, we ran a fairly complicated macro over the data in Excel and it would spit out a variety of charts. But XML is not available to me in this place, by decree of the grand IT gods, so...

What are some other alternatives to it? The data I wanting to crunch is call stats for several offices. I want to break it down in a variety of ways: by type, by hour of day, by department, etc. I want to create charts supporting hiring a second person on to my shitty drone job.

I'm willing to count it up by hand and enter it in, if nothing else, but I'd like to cut the time down where ever else I can.

(As for the person who'll end up joinging me here. Feel for them. SRSLY.)
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