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Away, ye feline demons!

What are some natural/non-chemical things I can use to keep cats from coming into our house? Are there certain scents that cats just hate?

The house has two doors and we open them to let air circulate through the trailer. Unfortunately, management has not gotten around to getting screens for these doors. This hasn't been a problem until about two weeks ago. These two young cats (bigger than kitten, not quite full sized) have decided to make it their mission to join our happy household. They're cute and all, but I am seriously allergic to cats and my throat starts to close up (who needs to breathe anyways)...

We've been picking up the cats and putting them outside, shooing them away, but they think it's a game or something and keep coming back. Well, last night was the last straw. One decided to pay us a visit while we were... *ahem* Mood killer. But it is still too hot to keep the doors closed all day.

That is my problem, TQC. Help me fend off the cats before I have to go to the ER.
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