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I usually do some light yoga at night because I have a really bad lower back, and it really stretches and relaxes my back so I can sleep better. However, I hadn't been able to do it for a few weeks because of crazy furniture placement in my apartment. Two nights ago, I was finally able to go for it again.
Then, yesterday, I had the MOST intense back pain, ever. Normally I just have constant acheing and such, but these were acute, distinct pains. And every time I moved, I felt like my spine was crunching. It was totally weird and uncomfortable.
I don't want to think that this was related to the yoga. I'm very gentle and I don't think I do anything too strenuous. They're not really poses or anything that I think I can do incorrectly, thus hurting myself, either.
Especially because its not like there was a HUGE gap since I last did it, and I did it for a long time without ever experiencing anything but comfort.
Is anyone here a yoga expert? Can you help me?
Thank you :-)
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