Denis Baldwin (denisbaldwin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Denis Baldwin

Is there any reason not to buy and drive a street-legal dune buggy as my primary mode of transportation?

Notes influencing my decision:

- I've owned convertables before and want to get another one. The open air makes me happy.
- I live in Florida, where it's warm all the time. If and when I move from here, it'll be west (to Houston or Pheonix, most likely)
- The dune buggy in question has a bikini top, incase it rains.
- I've owned Jeeps much of my life and am used to the noise, wind, elements of an open air vehicle.
- The price is right, and I am knowledgeable about the drivetrain of this particular model if something goes wrong.
- My father used to build pro-street buggies and I've had a lot of experience with them as a result of this.
- I'm unusual, and this seems like an unusual but fun vehicle that fits my personality.
- This buggy has a lockbox for the few valuables I have and travel with.
- I drive less than 10 miles a day when I do drive.. and often Igo several days without driving at all. This is yet another perk of working at home.
- The buggy has two seats, which doesn't put me at any disadvantage over my two chosen alternatives (a Mazda Miata or a BMW Z3)

So, saying all of that, I want reasons why or why not that I haven't considered.

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