Deana (deana_in_texas) wrote in thequestionclub,

I hope this is ok, but if not, just remove it.

Have you ever used community_promo to promote a community? Did you find that you gained members through that?

Have you ever used community_promo to find communities? Did you find anything good there? Do you keep it on your friends list? If not, how often do you go and check it for new and interesting communities?

I ask because the few times I have promoted my communities there, I have had very, very few new people join. And when I talk to my friends about community_promo they all say that they don't keep it on their friends list because it overpowers their lists, and they don't check it anymore becasue there are so many communities it is hard to find anything good. I'm just trying to see if I am wasting my time using them to promote my communities.

Have you found any ways of promoting your communities that actually work?
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