paperdoll (poemi) wrote in thequestionclub,

roommates and boyfriends and sneaky weirdness

I have a feeling my roommate's boyfriend lives here, but there's no way of actually finding out if he has his own place or not. They both stay here every night, she never goes to his place and claims to never have even seen it. (why you would date someone who wouldn't show you where they live for over a year is beyond me, which is why I'm thinking this has got to be a huge stupid lie.)

My other roommate and I want to say something to her about this because, well it's totally shady and completely unfair. We're all girls, and it sucks to have a guy, who isn't a close friend around in my apartment all the time. He completely changes the comfort level.

How do we get her to tell the truth about this? I'm nearly positive that he lives here, but she's lying to us already, and I don't think that if he was she'd tell us. Should we just say, "Hey whether or not he has his own place, he lives here and should be paying some kind of rent" or what? Has anyone been in this situation before? What did you do? We can't really prove that he doesn't have his own place somewhere, but does that even matter?
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