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Dental confusion

I have to get a large chunk of dental stuff done and originally for this portion I was quoted $1,100 for the whole thing. It's going over what my insurance covers so the last bit of it would be completely out of pocket.

Yesterday I went in to get the first part done and three fillings cost me less than my boyfriend's one, and we have the same insurance. I paid $89 for my portion yesterday and then the woman quoted me the rest (my next visit) at $138. That's a big difference from the first quote.

I had originally planned on calling today to ask them to clear this up for me but now I'm wondering if I should. If they're giving me a discount and I ask them to clear it up might they not give me the discount? I don't want to show up next time thinking I'm only going to pay $138 though and end up owing $900.

So should I call?
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