Well, darling, this is it (brokensemaphore) wrote in thequestionclub,
Well, darling, this is it


1. For those who have worked in food service, is there a limit on free refills?  Surely one couldn't just sit in a place for hours drinking cup after cup of coffee or soda, right? Edit: I mean when drinks are being served, not self-service-type places.
2. Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Domino's, Little Caesar's, or something else (local places don't count, choose from nationwide pizza delivery places)?
3. I have long and very thick hair.  I want to dye it.  Should I buy 3 or 4 boxes of the at-home stuff and let my grandmother attempt to do it, or fork over 3-4 times the average price and have it done professionally?  I'm a tightwad, but if it sounds like a salon is the only way to get it done right, I'll go for it. (I'm going for a dark auburn from medium brown natural color, no highlights or any tricky stuff.)
4. Do you have an LCD or CRT monitor?
5. Do you have speakers hooked up to your computer (desktops only for this question), or do you just use headphones?
6. What's the most out-of-place, random object in the room you're currently in?

If any have been asked in a while, blame ljseek and ignore them.
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