Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in thequestionclub,

ARG! a professional cleaning name and trade...came to shampoo the carpets at my house. My father in law and one of the workers went to move my 52 inch TV and they didn't bother to check to make sure the cable was unhooked from the back of the television......

To make a long story short they moved the tv with such force, they ripped the cable and the jack off the back of my tv. I mean, completely off. I'm stuck with a $1500 tv that I can't use right now. I'm so completely pissed it isn't even funny. My father in law didn't say anything at the time, which how could he? He was partly at fault. My cousin's husband owns the company so I thought about calling to see if there was anything he could do. But that's when the thought occured to me that its partly my FIL's fault, so there goes all liability. If it would have been 2 of the cleaners that did it, then booyah, new tv.

So TQC, here's my question...does anyone know how I would go about getting this fixed, without paying an arm and a leg? Is it possible to even fix? Or should I say to hell with it and make my father in law buy me a new tv?
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