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Good Evening Godless Sodomites

In what probable situation does this make sense: Someone is at someone else's apartment, but they do not know anyone who lives there. Not only that, but the people living there or anyone else in that apartment don't know the person, but everyone magically is okay with this?

So I made this post on Friday:

And I was dying to find out what my backstabbing coworker had actually done. I kept a low profile in the morning but everyone on my floor was talking about it. I hardly got any work done today by the way haha.

Around 12:30pm, I talked with Jenee' (the person who was looking for me on Friday and first told me the story), she hadn't heard any more other than Kim WAS pressing charges against Megan (thank the lord!) We think it's "Reckless endangerment of a minor". Jenee' got the idea that I should ask Kim about anymore information and I figured it couldn't hurt.

I gave a legitimate reason to talk with her in her office but after about 5 minutes I made my segway into the topic. She didn't give me the full story but I don't think she even knows it either and she's still upset about it. She cancelled her trip to Asia that was supposed to happen this week and she's limited her time for work as well.

Anyhow, new items of information:

1. When the 4 year old was at work she was actually telling employees that she wasn't supposed to be here but no one really paid attention to her since the child has been here before (This makes me sad, but I never heard this part. All I heard from her was that she wanted to see her mom).

2. Okay this part I think is bullshit on Megan's part because she doesn't want to get in more trouble BECAUSE IN NO REALITY DOES THIS WORK. She was actually at some apartment complex, in an apartment with people she said she's never met before. The people who were with her said they didn't know her. Yeah, fucking right. Like I would let some stranger in my house and let them "hang out" for who knows how many hours. The only plausible explanation is that she was there buying some illegal drugs. Can anyone else think of another reason?

3. The 4 year old was left in the car by herself.

4. She took Megan's work I.D. (it has her face on it) and she got out of the car (this was probably after some while of being in the car by herself). She actually crossed the street by herself and started knocking on doors. She told the first couple houses that she needed to find this person because she was supposed to be babysitting her and she left. The second door ACTUALLY CLOSED THE DOOR ON HER HAND. WHAT THE FUCK? The third door, she got someone to put scotch tape over her injury and called the police.

5. When people found Megan at this random apartment, she wouldn't answer any questions. They tested her for alcohol and nothing showed up. They also took some blood samples to test for other drugs, but those results haven't come back yet.

There really is 2 explanations for what happened. 1. Megan was on drugs. 2. Megan has serious mental disorders. She wasn't even looking for the child which I had given her the benefit of the doubt that she hadn't been found because she was freaking out and was searching for her.

Right now she was on PTO today and 1/2 of tomorrow but having looked at Kim, I really cannot fathom Megan still having her job.

Kim still didn't say exactly what apartments or area Megan and her daughter were at, but she said they weren't safe ones.

My only consolation is that this shit happened before my time was up on my internship. I think I'm going to have to keep in contact with Jenee' or something so I can find out the resolution ahah!
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