I Died for Beauty (miseryincminor) wrote in thequestionclub,
I Died for Beauty

Calling all psych students

If any of you are psych majors, do you have another major as well? If so, what? I want to major in both music and psychology but my parents say it will just split my focus. Also, I'm not interested in getting an MD, just an MA. Will I be able to do research with this? I'm interested in doing some research in the field of neuro-semantics. Maybe counseling on the side, if I'm allowed to do that with just an MA. Could y'all just give me an idea of what degree you're going for and what profession you're planning to go into? Thanks.

Also...just a general college question. Is it harder to graduate in four years if you double major in something? What would you consider the most useful major?
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