k (agentrayevyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

foot problems

I walked 40 minutes on the treadmill at the gym yesterday and I pushed myself a little too far. I felt my right foot start to hurt around my heel and arch, but I kept going because it didn't feel too awfully bad. I'm paying dearly for that assumption now.

When I walk now (in shoes or barefoot, but wearing flip flops has aggravated it), the outside part of my foot hurts. The arch itself doesn't hurt, and the top doesn't, but just the bottom outside part. If I walk for an extended period of time, I feel this pain go up the outside of my leg through my ankle, and it feels like it would either feel better or hurt like hell if something popped. It's not swollen at all. Has anybody had this happen to them? What on earth did I do?

Come to find out, my mom has the same problem with her feet -- she walks on concrete a lot at work and it's really started to bother her. She said getting arch supports for her shoes has really helped, so I got some of those today and it's dulled the pain some -- it's bearable, but still very uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, my health insurance just changed to a plan with a $3000 deductible and going to the doctor isn't an option as much as I really know I should. So my question is... what can I do to treat this at home or minimize the damage? Should I be off my feet, wearing shoes all the time/not wearing shoes at all...? Any and all suggestions are most welcome, and I hope you never, ever have to go through this in your life.
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