Ciara la Belle (ciara_belle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ciara la Belle

I'm out of ideas for this one.

My cousin is getting married in October. I need something to wear to her wedding. I would like to wear a dress, rather than a top and skirt combo. Obviously, I cannot wear white and I would also prefer not to wear black. Brown will be considered as a last choice. It also has to be at least fairly appropriate for church, as this is a traditional Catholic wedding. (Halter/sleeveless is ok, as long as I can throw a sweater/shrug/wrap over it)

thequestionclub, where can I find such a dress?

Places I have already looked: JCrew website (can't ship the dress I want until November), Macy's (two different ones, both had absolutely fugly dresses), Express, The Limited, Charlotte Russe, JC Penny's.

Help me out here, y'all, because I don't know where else to look.
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