Merry (pridian) wrote in thequestionclub,

I bet she wishes this day had never happened

What is the most fucked up story you have heard recently?

I'm an intern at a company and there used to be another intern (Megan) as well. She got hired on because she had a better relationship with our manager (read: she started babysitting her children).

Anyhow, the manager (Kim) had to go to an off-site meeting at a Hilton Hotel this morning (8-1) and asked Megan to pick up her children and take them to school and daycare. The older one she got to school in time...but she didn't take the 4 year old to daycare.

She brought the kid to work. I remember hearing the girl talking and saying how she wanted to see her mom. A lot of people started asking Megan why Kim's daughter was at work instead of daycare and she never really gave a reason other than "Kim will be here soon". She left work with the child and she ended up at her parent's house for awhile.

I'm not sure if she came back to work or not, no one is real clear on that. Anyhow, Kim came back to work and she asked where Megan was because she wanted to her to do something. No one knew where she was and a couple people told her that her 4 year old was here today and Kim was surprised by that and called the daycare up and sure enough they hadn't seen her at all today.

People looked at Megan's desk and her purse was sitting there. Her credit cards, her cellphone, her license too but her car keys were gone. They checked the parking lot and Megan's car was nowhere to be found.

She started freaking out a little bit because A. Megan was gone and no one knew where she was B. Her four year old daughter was missing C. HER DAUGHTER WAS MISSING

She gets a call from the police saying they had her daughter. She's relieved until she finds out where her daughter was. Her daughter was wandering around the streets BY HERSELF. A couple saw the kid and no one around and so they took the child to the police station. The only reason why Kim was contacted was because the child knew her mom's phone number.

No one has seen Megan for 5 hours now and she's driving around without her license. She can get in so much trouble if Kim wanted to press charges. Endangering a child for one because she didn't have a carseat in her car. And I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a job anymore since she left work without telling anyone.

I'm not sure what exactly happened because I only found out about this at 4:20pm since people assume that Megan and I are 'best buds' and thought I knew what was going on. Yeah, no. And I'm glad, I do not want to be in her shoes right now.

I can imagine the consequences for her will be like getting ass raped without lube.
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