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I started a new job 2 months ago...training to be a 911 operator, and its VERY stressful (more stressful than most people think). Well besides the stress of learning all this new stuff, my schedule changes like every 2 weeks (i'm on nights now, in 2 weeks i go to days, then 2 weeks on evenings, then back to nights). I feel like im at a breaking point already. I've never worked nights before so my sleep schedule is all messed up, i am under so much stress that i cry about anything and everything, and my eating habits er...well that consists of all junk food.
So my question to ya'll is do you have any advice?! Some tips for stress relieving, getting used to this insane schedule, some healthy foods that are cheap and easy, some tips to stay awake, or even some words of encouragement!!!!
Thank you all so much
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