riiight. (esoteria) wrote in thequestionclub,

This is the stupidest question ever, but I'm actually kind of lost.

Situation: I've known a fellow TA for about a year now, when we had a class together last fall. I had a crush on him, but we were both with someone else exclusively. That's changed for both of us, and I found myself working with him this semester (yay!). I want to ask him out or whatever - how do you do that when you have no idea how the other person feels?

Let me rephrase.. everyone I've EVER been involved with and I had an obvious sexual banter thing going on before we bothered, and mostly, stuff just HAPPENED.. no asking out or anything. But I'm not used to people like this guy.. very mature, shy, quiet, practical, etc. If he did feel anything back, I wouldn't know about it..

But anyway.. uh, what do I say exactly? I've never been unsure of a prospective s.o. It's always been obvious. Knowing me and my complete lack of tact, I'm going to just blurt out that I have sexual fantasies about him or something and make things really awkward, lol. I feel like I'm a high schooler asking this, but I really never had to do this uncertain asking thing.....
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