AngelLeigh (badcinderella) wrote in thequestionclub,

Soo, yes, this is homework related. No, I'm not making you guys do my homework, if I don't wanna do it, why the hell should you?

Anyway. I'm taking a class called Holocaust and Human Behavior (High school level). For my final project we have some choices on the topic.

They are:

Human Behavior during the Holocaust. (Why people did what they did.)

Nation of Israel. (Why was it formed, Conflicts because of it.)

Holocaust denial. (Main claims of this denial, motivation behind them.)

Memory of the Holocaust. (How were other countries affected.)


I can think of my own topic. It has to be something that I can find materials easily.

Sooo, I'm curious, and also in a decision rut.
What would you pick?
Any topic ideas?

We have 45 days to do the final project, and I'm so excited because the material is so interesting! Thanks all!
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