Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

I *know* there's at least one program to put 'post it notes' on your computer screen... how about free? is it free? where?

Am I the only person who gets angry about newspaper comics that aren't funny? I feel like I'm being screwed somehow, that the time I spent reading could have been used elsewhere, OR that the space in the paper could be used for GOOD comics.... Not like "hulk smash" angry, just "why do they give us this tripe?" angry.

World of Warcraft players:
What's the worst excuse you've heard for leaving a party?
What excuse do you hate most?
What's the most bizarre one you've heard?

Worst excuse I've heard: "gotta go. parents got some good weed." The suckiness of this excuse is compounded by the fact that he, in fact, went to AV.
Not for leaving, but for AFK: Smoke breaks. lrn2manage your addictions. I don't hearth to gadgetzan when I get outbid on a good deal, I expect you to have the same level of control.
Most bizarre: We got a Gnomer group together with surprising ease, everyone spoke english... Very strange. Then somehow it came up that the priest had narcolepsy. ten minutes in, "Guys, I need to go. right now. bye."
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