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factory reconditioned cameras

I'm looking into (finally) buying a digital camera. I'm thinking about getting a "factory reconditioned" camera because of the low price. However, I worry that it might not work as well. Here's a little info on factory reconditioned goods:

What makes a "Factory-Reconditioned" item such an excellent purchase?

Factory-reconditioned products maintain high quality standards.
Each item is checked at least twice for proper working condition and quality. In fact, reconditioned goods have a very low (2-percent) rate of return.
The price you pay for a reconditioned item is much lower than at retail.
Overstock.com's guarantee covers every reconditioned item you purchase. For more information, please review our Platinum Protection Product Plan information.

Have you ever purchased a factory reconditioned digital camera? Is it worth a shot?

Also, there's a 2-year warranty for an additional $7. It would be wise to get that, too, right?
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