KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

Disclaimer: I have not and do not plan to do this. Eek. But anyway,

I read craigslist a lot and I am amused by all the "no strings attached" personals hookup ad things. It makes me wonder what is the etiquette after you do agree to meet someone for sex or whatever, and you do your thing, enjoy it, no terribly bad things happen, and then you go your separate ways, as your advertisements probably advertised. Well, what is the proper, accepted thing to do if you run into that person later on, out somewhere, accidentally?

Smile and say hi? Pretend you didn't see each other? Go up to them and scream "Why didn't you call, you manwhore? I had a good time and I wanted to do it again sometime?" Hahaha. Surely this has to have happened to someone or someone wrote a manners guide about it.
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