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Long Time No See, TQC!

So, becgueule and I got married this past Sunday! (pics here if you're interested)

I go back to work tomorrow, he had to go back yesterday, and is working late for at least 2 weeks to make up for some time off they gave him. We're taking a first-anniversary honeymoon. I've had some pretty rotten insomnia, waking up for about 2 hours every night, for the past several weeks. I got an amazing massage today. The house isn't put away as much as I'd like it to be, the thank-yous aren't written yet.

So, to the question:

Should I:

A) Go to my first-ever yoga class? Love to after the massage, I've worked some with tapes/DVDs for almost 2 years now, I've wanted to for ages, but I can go next Wednesday too. It would be the final "icing on the cake" of my wedding/vacation, which has been great but stressful too.

B) Stay home and get my house into working order so that I'm not all tripping over clutter and worrying about things I need to do? I MUCH prefer a tidy house, and it's pretty much a wreck right now.

I really can't decide! And I need to leave in about 90 minutes if I'm going to the class, during which time I'll be working on the house.


Yoga wins! Thanks for the input! I got quite a bit done on the house - now here's hoping I don't fall on my ass...
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