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Okay, I hope you all can help me. My family and I live in a duplex. Our downstairs neighbors just moved out. Our landlord has 5 or so guys working here getting it ready to be rented out again. I've had nonstop problems with these guys. They keep turning our water off with no warning, and then make me sit here for hours until it's back. One of the guys decided it was acceptable to dig through our private shed to get a spare box. You know, stuff like that.

Here's the reason for my post. They keep coming and going through our yard, and none of them bother shutting the gates. I have a dog that WILL run if given the chance. I've asked them numerous times to make sure the gates are shut, but it's like they completely ignore my request. I was outside with my dog yesterday. One of the guys walked in, leaving the gate wide open. My dog made a run for it, and got about half a block down the street before I could catch him. He got into the middle of a busy street a few weeks ago, so maybe I'm still paranoid.

I went off on these guys when I got back, saying things like, "Do you SEE why you need to shut the damn gate?!" I really thought they got it after seeing him take off like that. But of course this morning I went out there, and both the front and back gates were wide open. I finally nailed notes to both gates asking to make sure they're shut, but something tells me these guys still won't notice. Is there anything else I can do about it? I want to call my landlord, but don't want to seem bitchy. I really don't want the guys to get in trouble at all. I just want to make sure my dog won't get out because of their ignorance. So, help? Thanks, everyone.
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