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My hair is pretty long. Down almost to the bottom of my back. Mostly I just leave it hang loose but I start a new job on Friday (woohoo!) and I'd like to be able to keep it up, the same way it is under the cut.

Because it obviosley holds better and stays up when its needing washed, this is the best time to do my hair like this. But, I really need to wash my hair! Can anyone tell me, how I can do my hair this way when its clean? But preferably not using too much product? I don't like puttng too much gel/hairspray/wax etc on it when its just clean. Don't mind doing that when its like it is just now.

Thats what it looks like underneath (obviosley the clasp is usually sitting straight!)

 And finally, as i said, I start a new job on friday working in a store. I'm gonna be on my feetn from 9am til 5pm. So, I'm going tomorrow for new shoes as I don't have anything flat and black. Can anyone tell me anything I can do thats going to ease the pain that my feet are going to be in? I know they are going to hurt like hell for standing up so much after having not done it in about a year. Anything I can do (other than try and buy the comfiest shoes I can find!)

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