a bag of insecurities (bizwac) wrote in thequestionclub,
a bag of insecurities

how many of you have VCR's?

i was just wondering because a lot is on DVD now, and a lot of people seem to be throwing out their VCR's.

also, do you have DVD players?
what about DVD recorders?

anyone have those... fancy... things that are supposed to be better than DVD's?

EDIT: i recently bought a VCR and thought that people must think i'm weird. Now people would usually be getting rid of theirs. hmmm.
i hadn't had a VCR for ages, which meant i couldnt' watch my VHS movies. then i finally got one this year. watched one movie then tried to eject it... nope. it was stuck. had to pull it all apart and there was no saving it. so i finally bought a new one this week.
now i can record my shows... like good ol' Oprah and Dr. Phil when i'm at Uni
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