Well, darling, this is it (brokensemaphore) wrote in thequestionclub,
Well, darling, this is it


Aliens are taking over the planet.  They base who the let live and who they annihilate on the answer to one question. 
1. What is the question? 
2. What answer leads to survival?
3. What answer leads to death?

[The question can be whatever you want: something you would ask, something you think would be logical for them to ask, etc.  Assume they are able to communicate, kthx, in case someone tries to get snarky.]

You are abducted by said aliens. Do you:
1. Go along with whatever they tell you to do, although they haven't said you'd be released if you cooperate;
2. Go along with them, but try to escape when you can, even though you're in the air and there's nowhere to really escape to (maybe you can take the bitch down?);
3. Fight them the whole way?
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