fruitynutcake (fruitynutcake) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. I might be getting a night job that would have me walking a fair distance between building and parking garage at 1 in the morning. Suggestions for warding off muggers/axe murderers/etc.?

2. Scenario: Person A, slightly on the poor side, has a pricy prescription medication that he/she really needs, but no sort of financial aid to help pay for it. Person B, an acquaintance, has a prescription for the exact same dosage of the medicine, but no longer feels the need to personally take it. Person B, with insurance and assistance up the wazoo, offers to renew the prescription and give the medication to Person A. Thoughts? Illegal? Immoral? A nice and kindly gesture?

3. I recently acquired my dad's SUV, as the transmission in my car died. In cleaning out Dad's car, throwing out old junk mail flyers and febreezing the cigar smoke, I stumbled over a good-sized stash of flavored condoms tucked away in the console. Flavors that I know my mother generally likes. Erg. What unsettling thing have you discovered recently?
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