The invisible woman (daymare47) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Do any of you have problems with your mailman ignoring mail you're sending out? Our mailman is Really bad about it. I've had things stolen because he didn't take it. I actually saw him ignore my neighbor's mail. Well I just got a Netflix account and am mildly paranoid about the DVDs being stolen because of the idiot mailman. Oh, and the mailbox isn't one I can put the mail in, and put the flag up on. It's the type that has hooks on the bottom for outgoing mail, so the mail is all clearly visible.

This all comes because the DVDs I put in the box at noon are still here at 5. We didn't have any mail today, but that's still no excuse to completely ignore what I have to be sent. I tried calling and complaining before, but nothing ever came of it, and things haven't improved one little bit. So, what else can I do? Thanks, everyone.
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