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Since my boyfriend and I have had the joy of spending a great lump of cash on the cat, I'm curious how much is too much for you?  Have you ever had to make the choice of putting your pet to sleep because its care would be too expensive?  When does it become a matter of money before health?

I had a lovely sheltie in college who got very sick after I graduated and moved out on my own with him.  While I would have never been able to afford his care on my own, my parents (who loved him just as much as if he were their own dog) offered to pay for his surgery and after care.  When it came to the point that he simply wasn't going to make it and I had to put him to sleep, they helped with the cost of that as well....

I don't think any cost is too much, as pets become a part of the family, to me.  My puppy dog was like my child, (especially since I don't have any and at that time, was living alone.)  So his happiness and health was all that mattered to me.....but then again, my father was the same, so maybe that's where it comes from...  :)

EDIT:  Sorry...I didn't mean to imply we put the cat, he's fine....just spent a lot of money on his care, is all.  :)  (And yes, he's worth every penny, btw.)
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