BlackDoll (black_doll) wrote in thequestionclub,

F'in Ebay

Why do I bother? God.

On ebay. Who typically is supposed to leave feedback first?

I say, it's the winner of the auction.

I've been on ebay for several years and have a score of 70 (not that much but better than this doofus and his 39) and I've ALWAYS known it to be the auction winner to leave feedback first.

This guy won something from me and won't leave feedback until I do! Currently I have no reason to leave anything but a positive since as the seller, I only care that it was paid for on time and via the proper methods (PayPal). Which it was. But I could leave a + and then he (for some reason) could leave a negative and I'm screwed. Meaning, I get a negative and he gets a positive and I wasn't given the chance to "solve" the problem. I know I know I can file a complaint, try to retract feedback, etc. But still.

This guy is saying "I am the buyer, I don't leave feedback until I have recieved feedback, and recieved my item."

How backwards is that?? Conversly, if I won an item and it was as described and I was happy, I leave feedback first. Then the seller does. Doesn't that make sense?!?!

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