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Far too many, I know

1. Would you be ticked off, too, if your co-worker was constantly late (by an hour or more) and then just goofed off on MySpace all day? Said co-worker is supposed to be here to be backup when things get crazy - like the day after a Monday holiday. [I'm peeved. Seriously, it's 10 AM and he was supposed to be here at 8. I see him online on MySpace right now, so he ain't dead.] Nevermind. He just waltzed in...

2. I'm going to Tahoe this weekend. I'm thrilled, as I haven't been there in... 11 years. I'm taking a $20 bill and my silver coins with me (so about $40) to play with in the casinos. Are you good at controlling your cash when you go gambling? Once the set-aside money is gone, do you stop or do you go take out more money?

2b. Anyone know of anything fun (and cheeeeeap) to do up there? (I'm searching websites this week, just wondering if you had any ideas.)

3. What do you like to put on your tacos? I'm making tacos tonight and I have that feeling that I've forgotten something very important... [I already have: meat w/seasonings, beans, rice, sour cream, salsa, cheese, olives, and shells.]

4. Do you have a certain dish that you make that people are always begging you to make? What is it? [Pulled pork is mine.]
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