BlznFireGrl911 (blznfiregrl911) wrote in thequestionclub,

Scumlord from hell

So Ive lived in my present apt (by myself) since January.. Ive had a problem with the scumlord since day 1. Thats another story though. Anyways, I gave notice Aug 30 that I was going to be out in October. He placed a FOR RENT ad in the local newspaper, with the address of my place. yesterday, I have a strange vehicle pull into my driveway. This creepy looking balding guy gets out. Theres a knock on my door. No way am I answering it. He walks away from the door, looks around outside and gets back in his car and leaves. Not 2 minutes later my cell rings and its the scumlord. Not answering it. He leaves a message that he's gotten several calls and would like to show my apt.

Now, I've paid Sept. rent so its not like he's doing me any favors, do i HAVE to let him show it while im still inhabiting this joint? Is it right for people to just "be in the area" and him request that I show them? Im getting a little pissed here having strange people pull in my driveway. He's suggested that I dont HAVE to be there when he 'shows it' screw that. I have 2 cats I dont want let loose and I dont trust the landlord much less these scumbags showing up unannounced.

1- Do I have to let him show it?
2- Do you feel weird having random people looking thru your house? especially when things are a mess and youre trying to pack?
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