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HEY TQC...remember the crazy MIL??

Do you recall, last week, when I asked about the MIL (well, FUTURE Mother in law) who was sick (bronchitis)?

Well, we postponed the dinner to lunch on Saturday. My fiance and I are getting married in a month, and because of this and his mother's recent illness we decided that we would ask her not to kiss our 9 month old. He (my fiance) said, "Ma, since you've been sick, we ask that you not kiss Liam. You can hold him, just don't kiss him."

Simple request, right? Wrong. She FLIPPED out about "putting limitations on her and her grandson" and how we "didn't respect her". She screamed (at me mostly) about limitations and how she never gets to see him (she sees him at least once a week). She screamed and yelled so much that it ended up scaring the baby and my fiance took him out of the house.

Now, I was calm (and I'm proud for not losing it too) through the whole yelling fit and just asked her that she respect my request. The wedding is only a month away and NO ONE can afford to get sick. She started yelling again about how she'd "NEVER, EVVVVER do anything to get him sick" and that she couldn't believe that I thought that she was "that stupid that she would harm him". Again, this is the same lady who wiped his behind with clorox wipes and exposed him to everyone in her office two days after he had a fever in the middle of winter.

Anyway, I've got a bridal shower coming up on Saturday. My maid of honor is throwing it but the mother in law is invited. I'm a stubborn person. I'm waiting for (and probably will never get) an apology. It is rude to go to someone's home, yell at them in front of their child (which I explained to her that we never fight in front of him and we'd appreciate it if she never did that again) when they are only trying to protect the health of their child with a simple "please don't kiss" request.

So what do I do? Drop it? Ignore her? Take her aside and ask for an apology?

Tell me TQC, what would you do?
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