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I have two questions.

1. I’m having difficulty with my computer/internet connection. Every time I’m online, at some point a window pops up that says, “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close.” The box says it’s encouraged that I report the problem, so I do. Then I press the close button at the bottom right of the box when I’m finished and another box pops up that says if I click the “More information” link at the bottom, I will be lead to a Microsoft website that has a download to solve whatever the problem is. So, I click the “More Information” link and download what it tells me to. One of two things happens at this point: 1) I complete the downloading process, but nothing is fixed because I continue to get the Generic Host Process errors or 2) The internet connection dies before I can finish downloading.
Does anyone know why this is happening and how it can be fixed? It only happens when I’m online and there seems that the longer my computer is shut down, the longer I can be online with out the Generic Host Process error popping up when I turn the computer back on.

2. Where can I find dramatic monologues for females? I want to audition for my high school’s production of Radium Girls, but I really don’t know where to find a good, legit monologue.

Thank you!
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