head case with a smile (justaminuteaway) wrote in thequestionclub,
head case with a smile

1. What songs or artists would you put on a mix CD for a 20 year old guy from Peru who is totally in love with his girlfriend (but not overly showing and obnoxious about it, and they live far away from each other)? He's one of those grumpy on the outside, sweetheart on the inside type of people. His favorite artist is Mark Lanegan, so nothing by him since he has it all, but if you can think of any artists like that, that'd be swell.

2. What's one of your favorite drunk encounters? It can be about you or someone else - I just like hearing funny stories involving drunks.

3. If you miss a class in college early in the semester (like, the first week), would you say it's better to e-mail the professor or go to their office before the next class or just wait a few days until the next class? Only one professor said anything about that and pretty much said not to bug him until the third week of school since we haven't really started anything yet and people are still starting/dropping courses, but I'm not sure if other professors feel the same way.
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