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effing mother effer

ok, quick recap:
i was selling old textbooks on half.com. they got a bit rained on during the night, before i could take them down, someone bought one. i have emailed this girl twice to tell her what happened, she has not yet responded. i am leaving the country tomorrow.
so, the book is actually still in pretty good shape. on the last 50 pages (mostly index, for the record), the bottom 1/2 inch of the page is a little wrinkly. they don't stick together or anything. i offered her $2 off the price, since i'd already listed it for cheap, because i was trying to get rid of it. i'm pretty irritated with this girl as it is, she's one of those one-feedback types who probably has no idea what she's doing, but she could at least check her email.
here's the question, should i cancel the order or just send it to her full-price?

ok, problem resolved
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