Nova Persei (nova_persei) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nova Persei

Lunch at boyfriend's parents house - Suggestions on what to bring?

My boyfriend's parents invited us to have lunch at their house with friends and family for the Labor Day holiday tomorrow. In the past I've usually brought a chocolate cake with strawberries or a nice bottle of wine, but I'd like to prepare an appetizer or side dish to share with everyone instead of dessert or wine. I'm not sure what they are serving tomorrow, but most of the family are gourmet Italian restaurant chefs (so probably not something plain like potato salad - haha).

Does anyone have any recommendations for a nice addition to their family meal? Or perhaps recommend an interesting recipe web site I can look into? Hmmm....considering lunch is tomorrow at 1:00 p.m., maybe I should just stick with dessert?
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