launchpad mcquack (_mathlete) wrote in thequestionclub,
launchpad mcquack

sorry to ask two questions really close together but they're not related and i didn't want to add this as an edit to the first one.

the girl who was supposed to be my roommate ended up not moving into my room, so i've had a vacancy for the last week. this morning my hall director came up with a girl who wants to move into the space.

she's from korea and has been living with a korean roommate, but now she wants to live with an american girl. i don't really know yet if she's studying abroad here for a semester or year, or if she just decided to go to school in the states and if so how long she's been going here, etc. i'll ask her later.

i don't know anything about living with a foreign roommate. i don't want to make her feel unwelcome but on the other hand i don't want to overdo it.

do you have any advice for me?

edit: i know that people are people but "be yourself" is the same thing as telling me, "completely ignore her and go about business as usual without making noise or being an asshole" because that's how i usually do the roommate thing (it's worked out well in the past). the thing is she's probably kind of lonely and she moved in with me for a reason and i don't think she'll feel very welcome that way.
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