mr. steve f.f. snuggles (severalmoose) wrote in thequestionclub,
mr. steve f.f. snuggles

Curvy jeans

I'm a curvy girl. I have large hips and a big ass, alright? I need pants and jeans. Generally I have to resort to Banana Republic because they're the only place that has attractive jeans for me. Most of the time if I find some pants I like and can get them over my hips/rear/thighs I have about 5 inches left over in the waist. SO! Where can I find suitable jeans and pants? I hate the mall, but I am willing to go there. Just unwilling to waste 5 hours there trying on pants to come home with nothing. So help me out!

Note: I'm a size 8-12 depending on the brand, if that makes any difference. Generally a 10, though.
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