Kristiney-bean (kristineybean) wrote in thequestionclub,

computer issues

I have a mac Powerbook G4 17 inch laptop. It's almost 4 years old. About 2 years ago I replaced the battery. About a year ago a friend of mine took it and cleaned it out and installed new stuff and made it all pretty again.

About 3 weeks ago I gave the laptop to my brother because he wanted to buy it off me. He called me a couple days ago to say that it will no longer turn on. So his fiance brought it back to me yesterday and I just now tried looking at it. It looks to me like it won't even charge. The light that should come on when you plug in the charger won't come on. It flickered twice when I tried plugging it in but now stays off.

Could it be the charger that is dead? Or the battery?

Also, I've read on the apple website that the chargers are shit. Should I even bother getting a new one if that is indeed the problem?
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