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Ok so 12 hours ago my mobile text messaging device worked and now Cingular has chosen to suspend the service and not inform the customers that they are no longer able to ractivate suspended accounts. My account has been in the same standing before, has never been suspended before, and I was given no notice of this policy change. The device is one which both my friend and I have and I've had to buy an additional two due to my friend having a problem with her original and another friend wanting one...although for the other friend I was unable to activate since they waited till AFTER they sold me a sim card to say they no longer take activations. In other words it is a useful device that I have put a lot of money into and I don't want to give it up.

The Device: Ogo @ eBay

That is the device I had. I liked it cause it allowed unlimited text messeging, aim, and email for only $20 a month. Plus the full keyboard was much easier on my wrists for when I did text msg and didn't make my tedinitis act up like when I've tried texting on a cell phone.

What I need to know is of any similar devices that have any of these features so I can know what to look into.

Again this is what features the ogo had and I'd like to know of any similar devices.
- Full keyboard
- Unlimited texting / large amount of text messages
- Small price preferbly
- AIM / email was nice but not mandantory

Thanks in advance for any help.
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