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Story and a question.

Story time!

There is a girl, Angela and David. An alligator infested river separates the two of them and the only way they can visit each other is because of the bridge. The two fall in love and David decides he wants to marry Angela, but first he asks her a question. “Angela, my love, I have to know. This is the most important thing in the world to me. Are you still a virgin.” “Of course,” she replies. So David asked her to marry him and of course she says yes.
One day there is a horrible rainstorm. The bridge is washed out and a tree falls on poor David. Angela can see this from across the river and runs to a boatman, Charles. She tells Charles that her fiancé is trapped and asks for a boat ride to him. He says no.
So Angela runs to another boatman, Sinbad. She tells Sinbad that her fiancé is trapped and asks for a boat ride to him. Sinbad says he’ll help her, but only if she has sex with him.
Angela says yes, has sex with him, and the next day they cross the river to save David. They manage to get the tree off of David and then Angela confesses to David. She tells him that she slept with Sinbad to save David’s life. David gets angry and tells Angela that he can’t be with her anymore, breaks off the engagement, and sends her on her way.
Angela runs off into the woods, sits on a stump, and starts to cry. A brave knight by the name of Sir Edward sees the lovely Angela in distress. He asks her what is wrong and Angela tells her entire story to him. Sir Edward falls madly in love with Angela as she tells her story and asks her to marry him. Angela says yes.
The two take many months to plan their wedding. The night before the wedding Sir Edward goes and beats up David as Angela watches and claps.
The End.


If somebody asked you to list the five characters in the story, Angela, David, Charles, Sinbad, and Sir Edward, 1 through 5 (1 being the best, 5 being the worst) how would you arrange them? Why did you list these characters in this way?

1. David
2. Sinbad
3. Charles
4. Sir Edward
5. Angela

Reasons: David let Angela know right away what was important to him. He kept to his morals and his beliefs. Sinbad offered a solution. He didn’t force Angela to accept his offer. Charles was a pretty neutral character. He didn’t do anything good, but he didn’t do anything bad either. Sir Edward had no reason to go beat up David. Angela knew what was important to David and she betrayed him. She knew what was important to him and she still risked it. She couldn’t have been terribly in love with David because when Sir Edward proposed she automatically said yes.

We did this exercise in my Speech class and I was the only person that placed Angela at the bottom of the list. Everyone else said that David was being “selfish” (explain that one to me!) and that Angela was being loyal to David (again, explain!). They defended her by saying she “wasn’t thinking clearly.” Well when she doesn’t think clearly she sleeps with guys, and I consider that a major character flaw!
It’s like people didn’t realize that Angela cheated on David. It just got me really worked up. And I wanted to know what other people thought about the situation.
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