Katie (kaethe) wrote in thequestionclub,

Internet protection

For reasons I won't go into, I need to be able to guarantee my teenage son can't get on the internet. I'm not willing to give up my DSL. He's not allowed on the computer, but he's a teenager and I'm not entirely stupid. Since he's not going to be surfing the web anyway, I don't really need something that blocks sites so much as I need something that blocks the ability to get on the internet at all from the time the computer starts up to the time it shuts down, unless the user has a password. (My firewall will block internet traffic if I set it to, but it doesn't have a password and I can't make blocking the internet a default setting at start-up. If my son were to turn on the computer when I was asleep or something, he could get on the internet easily.)

Are there any programs (preferably low-cost or free) that either force a password for internet access or force a password to log on to the computer? (The Windows user password thing is a joke, since you can just "cancel" through it.)
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