Put a bird on it. (the_sandra) wrote in thequestionclub,
Put a bird on it.

Power supply and BFFz

My computer is dead. It won't power on fully. The power light flickers and I can hear a humming sound coming from inside the computer but my monitor stays off. I checked the cord and everything is connected properly. I e-mailed customer service for my computer and they said it sounded like a problem with the power supply. I'm computer hardware illiterate and don't know what the power supply is... or how I can fix it, since I can't afford to have someone fix it I'd have to do it myself. Can anyone help a sistah out?

Also, what would you do if your best friend and you were drifting apart and they started leaving you out of stuff and even forgetting about plans you guys had but instead went to hang out with new friends that they recently made and choosing the new friends over you?
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